Iceland 2017 March

Departed Brisbane, Australia mid March and flew via China to Amsterdam then over to Iceland . Arriving for the remainder of the winter snow was a true treat . A two week trip starting in Selfoss ( South Iceland ) then driving into the very remote central region , the opportunity to capture the isolation was constant ..

Iceland 2017 December

Again the desire to return to Iceland again just proves too strong , the long journey from Brisbane Australia to Iceland now a regular event . I am never disappointed by what I see , experience and capture . The ever changing weather and terrain also just an absolute great place to be again . Just to experience it is just wonderful .

Iceland 2018 December

Another twenty six hours of country hopping from Australia to Iceland again never bothers me as knowing where you are taking yourself is where you want to be . A thousand photos are just not enough , it is always a different experience .

Greenland 2019 April / May

Again leaving Australia behind me for three weeks I flew from Brisbane to China to Copenhagen then to Ilulissat, Greenland , just so exciting . A lot of cold weather gear , climbing gear , an oversupply of camera gear, spare batteries and solar chargers . My best asset – my DJI Drone provided some of the most stunning footage I have ever taken . The windy days were a real challenge , then a small break in wind speed and I was lost for words watching my little drone head out across the Arctic Ocean . I was absolutely blessed with some the clearest days imaginable . Day after day I sat on the edge of the land completely in awe of what was seeing and would often just sit and watch the Icebergs ever changing parade and forget to shoot . The experience would never be forgotten

Iceland 2019/2020 December / January

The draw of Iceland just never leaves my thoughts , a very familiar route from Brisbane Australia to Iceland once again . Arriving in mid Dec 2019 in Selfoss ( south Iceland ) to below zero celcius temperatures, constant snow and high winds , I couldn’t have been happier . For over four weeks I experienced every type of winter weather imaginable . In central Iceland the temps at minus 15 c and minus 20c flying the DJI Phantom Four Drone was at the limits of its ability. A lot of footage was lost and a semi frozen Phantom Four wandered off on his own agenda . A few breaks in wind speed again provided me with just breathtaking footage from above the deck . The lessons learnt and the experience not to be forgotten .

Greenland 2022 April – May

A well planned out trip back to Greenland Early April 2022 With all flights booked from Brisbane Australia to Ilulissat Greenland . To continue filming for the current Doco Series ” Earth on Fire ” we are producing on climate change . We expect to capture some pretty stunning footage on the Greenland Icecap .

The next trip will be deep into the Amazon to capture real footage of the rainforest destruction . Thats late 2022.


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