David M Lonergan – Arctic Film Productions

Privately funded cinematography productions primarily focused on the remoteness of arctic regions. With a long lasting interest in the remote areas of the northern hemisphere of our amazing planet. Having ventured into the less inhabited regions for a number of years the interest only deepens.  With a desire to capture the impact of the arctic trips continue into areas that I have not ventured into before and also returning to regions to experience the differing seasons to capture and share. Using both still cameras and cinematography equipment and DJI drone for video and photographs.  Across the globe with a Nikon DSLR with a variety of lenses and Canon EOS C200 for video with two servo lenses 18-80 and 70-200 , also using a DJI Phantom Four Plus Drone. Also with utilizing time lapse fixed position cameras to capture the changes day to day and week to week in landscape terrain the result can be really interesting .

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